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The Write Food’s LA Food Faves: Restaurants, Cafes and Ice Cream Spots

I originally created this list of favorite Los Angeles restaurants, cafes and ice cream spots for my friend Scott, who was new to LA and had taken up residence in…


Customer Pet Peeves: The Restaurant View

Most restaurants try hard to give you a good experience. They don’t always succeed. We as customers have our pet peeves. I’ve shared some of mine. But not everything is…


Little Ethiopia Restaurant Recs

Just south of Olympic Boulevard on Fairfax lies Los Angeles’ Little Ethiopia, a single block filled with restaurants and shops. If you’re like many people here in LA, you may…

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TheatrEats: Hollywood Fringe Dining Guide

So you’re going to the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and maybe you’re making a day of it. Where do you eat? Here’s my handy dandy Hollywood Fringe Dining Guide! Because the…

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Bring the Deliciousness of Zahav’s Hummus Home

I’m originally from Philadelphia, and whenever I’m back visiting family and friends, I always plan a dinner at Zahav, chef Michael Solomonov’s incredible Israeli restaurant. Think fine dining but in a…

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Healthy Breakfast

It’s important to start the day with a healthy breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day. But healthy breakfast doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a great…

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TheatrEats: Celebration Theatre

It’s time for the second in a series about where to eat before/after the show. It’s time for TheatrEats: Celebration Theatre. Celebration Theatre is LA’s LGBTQ theatre, and it’s located…


Restaurant Pet Peeves

A great meal can provide a lifetime’s worth of memories. But too often, fantastic food and those memories-in-the-making get blemished by slips in service that are easy to avoid. Restaurant…


LA-Vegas Pit Stop: Ribka Ethiopian Cuisine in Victorville

When I first saw Ribka Ethiopian Cuisine’s listing on Yelp, I was intrigued. Like many people making the Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive, I needed somewhere to stop for…

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Indian Rice Pudding, Takes 2 and 3

My first take on Indian rice pudding featured full-on whole milk, and it was good. There were, however, some things I was definitely looking to improve or at least investigate….

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