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I’m an LA-based playwright and screenwriter (learn more about my work at with a passion for food, and thanks to parents who taught me to love both food and travel, by the time I was twelve, I’d already been to my first Michelin three-star restaurant in France. I do have a weakness for tasting menus, but perhaps even more exciting is the feeling of discovering a great hole in the wall. (Well, not an actual hole)—that would just be weird and probably would come with a whole series of problems, like potential animal or human interlopers—but a restaurant that is putting out great food without a lot of bells and whistles and the price tag that usually goes along with them.)

I love writing in cafes and restaurants, so I’m always on the lookout for spots that not only have a comfortable environment but also serve great food, whether it’s French or Thai or Ethiopian or good old American comfort food. Over the years, I’ve written articles about writing in restaurants for e-zines and even a few restaurant features for a local publication (and of course I’ve logged my hours on Yelp and TripAdvisor)—as well as provided dozens and dozens of food recommendations for friends and family—but this it the first time it’s all come together in my own blog.

What I will be writing about? Well, whatever I want, which could include everything from restaurant and cafe finds serving any cuisine under the sun, what’s in at the farmers’ markets, things I’m cooking at home (especially if I think they’re things you may want to try), food-related issues, and down the road a little, I hope to include interviews and tips (think podcasts) with chefs. There may even be guest bloggers, and of course there will be lots of tasty-looking photos (photography is another love). I’m just getting started, so subscribe and stay tuned!

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