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The Write Food’s LA Food Faves: Restaurants, Cafes and Ice Cream Spots

I originally created this list of favorite Los Angeles restaurants, cafes and ice cream spots for my friend Scott, who was new to LA and had taken up residence in…

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TheatrEats: Hollywood Fringe Dining Guide

So you’re going to the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and maybe you’re making a day of it. Where do you eat? Here’s my handy dandy Hollywood Fringe Dining Guide! Because the…

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TheatrEats: Celebration Theatre

It’s time for the second in a series about where to eat before/after the show. It’s time for TheatrEats: Celebration Theatre. Celebration Theatre is LA’s LGBTQ theatre, and it’s located…

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TheatrEats: Rogue Machine at The Met

Rogue Machine is one of LA’s great small theatre companies. For a long time, their home was on Pico Boulevard just west of La Brea, but now they’re moving to…

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TheatrEats: East West Players

For me, when I go to a play, it doesn’t feel like a complete experience without dinner beforehand. In the course of my blogging, I’ll be looking at a number…

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Badmaash: A Badass Indian Restaurant

LA isn’t known for great Indian food. Certainly not when compared to its plethora of high-quality Thai, Korean and Japanese restaurants (and Chinese and Vietnamese if you venture to the…

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This is my first official post at The Write Food, as I’m just moving in here. This blog won’t necessarily operate with any sense of formality, and posting won’t be…

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