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This is my first official post at The Write Food, as I’m just moving in here. This blog won’t necessarily operate with any sense of formality, and posting won’t be according to any particular schedule. I write plays and run a small publishing company, YouthPLAYS, specializing in plays for young actors and audiences. And on top of that I co-chair the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. Put it all together and it means that sometimes life happens. But I also know that I love food, whether it’s eating it or making it, and I love helping people find their own great food experiences.

This blog will be eclectic. One day I may feature one of my “go to” restaurants, and another it may be a café that has a great environment for writers. I may highlight some of my favorite vendors at LA’s bounteous farmers’ markets, or offer up some simple home cooking wisdom. I’m big on seeking out cheap eats, and given my heavy involvement with the Los Angeles theatre community, I may highlight certain theatre companies…and the best places to eat nearby. But considering I love to travel, don’t be surprised to find posts about restaurants, cafés and other food-related experiences…well, anywhere. Down the road, I hope to do some podcasts or maybe even vlogs with chefs and restaurateurs—I know some awesome ones. So kick off your shoes, take out your napkin, and get comfy.

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