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Farmers' Market Watch,

T&D Farms

One of my regular stops at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market is T&D Farms, a small family farm in Redlands, California. They grow without chemicals, though they are not certified organic….

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Chickpeas: Two Fast Favorites

I love hummus, and by extension, I love chickpeas. I’ve made hummus a few times, but today I’ll be writing about ways to use chickpeas that aren’t hummus. Particularly if…

Farmers' Market Watch, Home Cooking, Recipes,

Indian Rice Pudding, Take 1

Of course Badmaash, my fave Indian restaurant in LA, has a badass Indian rice pudding, and it inspired me to try to make my own. The first thing to do was…

Farmers' Market Watch,

The Garden Of…

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. How about a whole bunch of pictures of beautiful produce? The Garden Of… is a top certified organic producer and one…

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Otus Thai Kitchen & Coffee: A Writerly Cafe with Legit Food

I love writing in cafes, but it’s always a trade-off: places with ample plug-ins, good wi-fi and comfortable seating never have food that makes you want to eat there–until Otus…

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Dressing (Your Salad) for Success

I love creating elaborate salads that take advantage of the amazing produce at my local farmers’ markets. In addition to various greens, they might include things like Satsuma mandarins, radishes,…

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TheatrEats: Rogue Machine at The Met

Rogue Machine is one of LA’s great small theatre companies. For a long time, their home was on Pico Boulevard just west of La Brea, but now they’re moving to…

Farmers' Market Watch, Home Cooking, Recipes,

Butternut Squash In Your Pasta

Years ago, prepping food for my annual Oscar party, butternut squash pretty much made me want to cry. I was trying to cut it, didn’t really have the knives for…

Farmers' Market Watch, Home Cooking, Recipes,


Earlier, I wrote about beet greens and how not to waste them. And now it’s time to talk about the beets themselves. Most people are used to seeing the common…

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TheatrEats: East West Players

For me, when I go to a play, it doesn’t feel like a complete experience without dinner beforehand. In the course of my blogging, I’ll be looking at a number…

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