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“One Pot” Grilled Cheese and Brussels Sprouts

Grilled cheese is one of those all-American comfort foods. I do mine a little differently, because technically, mine is really more roasted. I start by preheating my cast iron skillet…

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Badmaash: A Badass Indian Restaurant

LA isn’t known for great Indian food. Certainly not when compared to its plethora of high-quality Thai, Korean and Japanese restaurants (and Chinese and Vietnamese if you venture to the…

Farmers' Market Watch, Home Cooking, Recipes,

Avocado Snack Time

California has some of the best avocados anywhere, and while they’re great on their own or with tomatoes or in salads, they’re also an awesome feature of a simple but…

Farmers' Market Watch, Home Cooking,

Beet Greens with Penne and Feta

I have to admit that while I love beets, I really haven’t shown much love to beet greens over the years. Frankly, I don’t even buy beets that often because…

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This is my first official post at The Write Food, as I’m just moving in here. This blog won’t necessarily operate with any sense of formality, and posting won’t be…

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