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Tag: Indian food

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TheatrEats: Celebration Theatre

It’s time for the second in a series about where to eat before/after the show. It’s time for TheatrEats: Celebration Theatre. Celebration Theatre is LA’s LGBTQ theatre, and it’s located…

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Indian Rice Pudding, Takes 2 and 3

My first take on Indian rice pudding featured full-on whole milk, and it was good. There were, however, some things I was definitely looking to improve or at least investigate….

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Indian Rice Pudding, Take 1

Of course Badmaash, my fave Indian restaurant in LA, has a badass Indian rice pudding, and it inspired me to try to make my own. The first thing to do was…

Restaurants, TheatrEats,

Badmaash: A Badass Indian Restaurant

LA isn’t known for great Indian food. Certainly not when compared to its plethora of high-quality Thai, Korean and Japanese restaurants (and Chinese and Vietnamese if you venture to the…

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